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Only buy those seafood-products which are marked green!


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Certificates endoresed by WWF
color code explanation - click here

traffc_light_blue  blue: MSC certified products, ASC or biological

traffc_light_green  traffc_light_green “consumed fearlessly”

traffc_light_yellow  traffc_light_yellow  “consumed with caution”

traffc_light_red  traffc_light_red  “should not consume”

Fearlessly consume “blue” and “green” seafood

The driver of imported fish contains useful information for a variety of imported fish, which are widely available on the market. To categorize sustainability of imported fish, WWF uses a simple color-coded based on the impact that fisheries have both a fish population and the environment, while considering whether the effective management. The color code helps us make the right choice in a simple way!

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